'Home Of Australia's Original  & BEST Santa Run'

Enormity Inc. (Founders of the Santa Run)

The first Australian Santa Run was conducted in 2008 by Enormity at Ulverstone, attracting 150 participants ranging from babies to elderly, all dressing up in a Santa suit or hat to take on the 5km course (adults) or the 2km (children) course to raise funds for worthy charities - CanTeen, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Variety, Camp Quality and Cancer Council of Tasmania.

Participants could walk or run the course, enjoy each others company and get into the festive spirit of what Christmas is truly about.

Enormity gained international permission to bring the Santa Run to Australia from the founders of the event, Linda Smith, Opportunity Village, Las Vegas, the largest Santa Run in the world. Additionally, Enormity also formed a partnership with Alan Rothwell of the Liverpool Santa Dash (UK), forming the World Santa Challenge, recognising the largest Santa Run annually.

In 2009 Enormity members travelled to Liverpool (UK) to launch the World Santa Challenge with Alan & Linda, presenting to them an 18" hand carved Huon Pine Santa on a Tasmanian Blackwood base, housed in a Tasmanian Myrtle display box, affectionately named SAN-TAS.     



 Tasmania is Australia’s island state and whilst small by Australian standards, its landscape is extraordinarily diverse. Situated "on the edge of the world", Tasmania boasts the cleanest air in the world and the purest water running within rainforests, white sandy beaches, ancient alpine landscapes and rich agricultural farmland.

Only 364km from north to south and similarly across, Tasmania offers remarkable experiences, ranging from the sampling of quality wine and the freshness of its seafood and fruits, through to its tracts of wilderness where Tasmanian devils, platypus, and wallabies cavort amongst some of the world's oldest trees. The trees that still produce the finest craftwork, furniture and boat building timbers in the world still exist in abundance in special regions of this remarkable island.

On one wild Tasmanian mountain there is a magnificent, yet recently discovered stand of Huon pine trees that we now recognise to be the world's 'oldest known living organism'. Indeed what looks like hundreds of trees densely covering a few acres of the mountain’s top, is all part of the one tree, since all the 'trees' have identical DNA.

With the legend of Santa Clause dating back to 300AD, it was only fitting that local craftsman, Dennis Hickson, chose to carve the "World Santa Challenge" perpetual trophy from the famous and highly prized timber, the Tasmanian Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii). Placed upon a Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) base, another special timber, sourced from the wet forest and swamps of the far north west of Tasmania, creates a unique prize that will be sort after worldwide.

Another local craftsman, Laurie Milburn, has created a Tasmanian Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) display box that will accompany the perpetual trophy. This timber is the dominant tree in the cool temperate rainforest and is the dominant under-storey tree in the mixed wet eucalyptus forests found in Tasmania’s wetter regions. The wood has been used since European settlement and has become a sought-after cabinet timber.