NBN Fibre to the Premise

The NBN is crucial to all of Tasmania and should be rolled out equally statewide, meaning fibre to the premise. It is not about having a gold plated Lamborghini or a push bike connection; it is about having equal opportunity throughout our state to attract business, investment and employment, (especially in West & North West Tasmania).

It took the telephone 75 years to reach 50 million users, it took only 35 days for the video game Angry Birds (2009) to achieve the same; and at the turn of the century no-one was talking about IPads or IPhones let alone Facebook or Twitter.

All of Tasmania should be equally provided with the tools so that we all can invent, create, innovate and more importantly compete on a level playing field now and well into the future. Who knows, we could end up building our own Lamborghini.