Nationals in Government commit $8m in funding for Tasmanian Quality Meats meat processing expansion

The Tasmanian meat processing industry will get a $50 million boost under a reelected Liberal and Nationals Government thanks to an $8 million election commitment for Tasmanian Quality Meats, Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin announced at the company’s Cressy meatworks on Wednesday.

Senator Martin delivered the good news in the company of Tasmanian Quality Meats Managing Director Brian Oliver, Lyons Nationals candidate Deanna Hutchinson and farmers Doug Dickinson and Bob Gozzi.

“This is about expanding the Cressy Meat Processing plant to cater for sheep and lamb, particularly significant given the average Australian consumes 9kg of lamb per year,” Senator Martin said.

The expansion includes increased kill capacity, additional kill floor work stations, expansion of lairage, chillers, boning room, freezers (carcass and carton), settling ponds, plant, upgrade of power supply, boiler room, air compressors, skin mixes, amenities  and associated road infrastructure.

The Australian red meat and livestock industry created employment for around 438,100 people. Of these, just over 191,800 people were directly employed in the industry, and a further 246,300 people were employed in businesses servicing the red meat and livestock industry.

The investment in Tasmanian Quality Meats is part of the Nationals’ plan to help industries grow stronger and to attract jobs to regional communities.

“Currently about 750,000 head of lamb/sheep is live exported to the mainland for slaughter only to be brought back to Tasmania as boxed meat.”

“So this grant doesn’t just mean a lot more jobs and upskilling Tasmanian workers, it has significant animal welfare benefits too,” Senator Martin said.

“It is estimated the project will be worth $50 million to the regional Tasmanian economy.”

“I have been fighting for the Tasmanian meat processing industry since the closure of JBS in Devonport and this is a really positive outcome.”

“It is all about my agenda to get a fair share of Australia's red meat and livestock industry worth over $18 billion for regional Tasmania and help build stronger local communities.”