Tasmanian Labor MPs must come clean on how many regional Tasmanian communities they will let down

Tasmanina Nationals Senator Steve Martin is demanding Labor MPs ‘fess up’ on exactly which of the one hundred plus projects he has secured for regional communities they will cancel.

“Most of the $150 million plus worth of projects have been signed off, but some will need to be confirmed by the incoming Government and these are the among the ones Labor has actually been boasting they will tear up,” Senator Martin said.  

“The fact is the only way any of these great projects will not proceed is if a Shorten Labor Government and any Tasmanian Labor MPs who get elected cancel them.”

“The processs for selecting these projects has been sound. I have visited regional Tasmanian municipalities, they have prepared business cases at ratepayer’s expense and I have secured the commitment from Canberra.”

“So the challenge to Labor is which communities are you going to let down?

- Will Labor deny sports clubs across regional Tasmania female changing rooms?

- Will Labor deprive Somerset and Hadspen families new all abilities playgrounds?

- Will Labor stop the desperately needed expansion of the King Island Early Learning Centre?

- Will Labor cancel funding for a new food truck for Devonport Lions?”

Senator Martin said all one hundred plus projects he had announced were funded in the current 2018/19 so had zero impact on Labor’s election policy costings.

“I call on Labor to stop playing politics at the expense of regional communities and get behind these projects which are all about getting a fair share for regional Tasmania and building stronger communities.”

”The fact is the only way to guarantee that these projects go ahead is to vote 1 Nationals,” Senator Martin concluded