Senator Martin calls for further expansion of Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

The Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES)  has been improved but requires further expansion in order to be fair to all Tasmanians and that should be a priority of the incoming Government regardless of its stripes, Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin says.

“I played my own part in strengthening the future of the TFES, which some commentators would like to see abolished,” Senator Martin said.

“I also acknowledge the Nationals in Government invested last year an additional $200 million to extend the TFES for transhipped international export goods.

“This has meant significant additional assistance to Tasmanian exporters.”

“However not everyone is a winner.”

“Whoever is sworn into Government next week needs to address the following iniquities:

l Horse floats and wide caravans need to be given the same level of support as other vehicles.

l There needs to be an exemption for silage as we help our mainland cousins cope with the drought.

l Charities need to be put on the same footing as small businesses and be entitled to claim.”

“For example, the excellent not-for-profit Loaves and Fishes should get the same benefits as other Tassie enterprises which export to the Mainland.”

Senator Martin said the issue should be beyond partisan politics and called on his Liberal and Labor counterparts to support his push for a fair further expansion of the TFES.