Nationals in Government deliver further $2.1 million boost for Break O'Day

A strategic priority project for Break O’Day Council will become a reality thanks to the Nationals in Government, Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin and Lyons Nationals candidate Deanna Hutchinson announced at a community lunch in St Helens on Tuesday.

“This is another $2.1 million of real money from this year’s budget, not an election promise, and the fact the Nationals have been able to deliver speaks to the quality of the project, Break O’Day Mayor Mick Tucker and his team,” Senator Martin said.

The money will fund the Georges Bay Foreshore Multi-User track project, which will see a complete, off-road connection from St Helens Point Road to St Helens Township. series of paths and cycleways around the foreshore of Georges Bay, The project includes including 750 metres of boardwalk, a new bridge and retaining walls.

Mayor Tucker welcomed the funding saying that that having a federal pollie like Steve Martin who was prepared to come to town, listen to locals and take the funding fight to Canberra was exactly what regional councils needed.

"We are very grateful for this funding from Senator Steve Martin and thank him for prioritising the needs of our regional community," Mayor Tucker said.

“We have been working hard on getting funding for this project for a number of years and I am very proud to see it come to fruition.

“This means that we will now have a complete and safe off-road link for pedestrians and cyclists from the Lions Park all the way to St Helens around beautiful Georges Bay.

“This will be great for locals and visitors alike as they get outside and get active in our beautiful municipality.”

Senator Martin last month delivered $1.9 million to Break O’Day, including $1 million for drought recovery projects, $400,000 for flood mitigation at St Marys and $500,000 to bring bring the Old Tasmanian Hotel in Fingal back to its glory days.

“This is part of my agenda of getting a fair share for regional Tasmania and a concrete example of the Nationals in Government building stronger Tasmanian communities,” Senator Martin said.

Lyons Nationals candidate Deanna Hutchinson said the Nationals’ proven record of delivering for regional Tasmanian communities was why she was running for the party.”

“We are all about putting locals first,” Ms Hutchinson said.