Nationals deliver further $6.1 million boost for Glamorgan Spring Bay

Announced in Swansea on Tuesday, strategic priority projects for Glamorgan Spring Bay Council will become a reality thanks to the Nationals in Government, according to Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin. 

Senator Martin said he had spoken with Glamorgan Spring Bay Mayor Debbie Wisby on many occasions and asked her for her top priorities promising to go back to Canberra to fight for the funding.

“This is more than $6 million of real money from this year’s budget, not an election promise, and the fact the Nationals have been able to deliver speaks to the quality of the applications Mayor Wisby submitted,” Senator Martin said.

Mayor Wisby said the funds will revitalise the region and make a world of difference to residents and visitors.  

“Steve Martin approached me, listened and promised to return to Canberra to fight for our municipality.    I thank Steve for fighting and winning the battle to deliver a fair share for Glamorgan Spring Bay,” Mayor Wisby said.

“A small rural municipality like ours would have taken a decade or more to fund these projects, even if half of the project costs were funded by grants. Steve didn’t achieve half the funding, he achieved the lot! Thanks to Steve, our Council can now move forward and rejuvenate our region.”

The Mayor said the windfall would be invested in six key projects.

l $1 million will deliver a boardwalk around Coles Bay providing a safe and accessible pathway with viewing platforms around the Esplanade.

l $1.5 million will redevelop the Bicheno Gulch and Esplanade including parking, paths, seating areas and protection for the little penguins.

l $600,000 will complete the Bicheno area known as the Triangle, including  seating areas, public amenities and landscaping.

l $1 million will fund the Orford Rivulet Bridge replacement.

l In Swansea, $1 million for main street paving to improve pedestrian safety and make the town more attractive to residents and tourists.

l $1 million will fund the Dolphin Sands Shared Pathway to improve safety for residents and the visitor experience.

The windfall follows news last month that the Nationals in Government are providing Break O’Day and Glamorgan Spring Bay municipalities $1 million each for drought recovery.

Senator Martin said it was part of his agenda of getting a fair share for regional Tasmania and a concrete example of the Nationals in Government building stronger Tasmanian communities.