Canberra chips in $12m for Ulverstone jobs

Simplot Ulverstone has won a $12 million Nationals in Government grant to boost production and secure much-needed employment for regional Tasmanians, Steve Martin has announced.

“The company is contributing $39 million to the project with the remainder coming from the Nationals Government. This is about keeping jobs in Tasmania,” Senator Martin said.

“There will be 117 jobs in the construction phase.”

Senator Martin said the plant was a state-of-the-art potato processing factory employing more than 400 Tasmanians and buying about 300,000 tonnes of potatoes from Tassie farmers each year.

“This is about getting a fair share for regional Tasmania and building stronger communities,” Senator Martin said.

“Agriculture is a huge part of the Tassie economy, but farming is not enough.”

“We need companies like Simplot which value add and create more local jobs and more income for regional Tasmania.”

“I have visited this company before and note their strong safety record and their contributions to Foodbank.”

The Simplot site was developed in 1942 firstly as a  rabbit skin factory, then a fishery. In 1995 the J.R. Simplot company purchased the site and began trading as Simplot Australia