Senator Steve Martin asks PM for a Royal Commission into fuel prices

Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging him to ask the Governor General to instigate a Royal Commission into Fuel Prices.

“Depending on the day, Tasmanians are paying between 15 cents and as much as 40 cents per litre more at the bowser for petrol and diesel than other Australians,” Senator Martin said.

“That difference, currently 17.4 cents, cannot be explained by freight costs”

“It affects everything Tasmanians do. Families pay more to get their kids to school, do the shopping, go to sport and use what little public transport we have in regional Tasmania.

“The advice I have received in the past is to go to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. However the ACCC has held countless inquiries to zero effect.”

Senator Martin said that the Royal Commission into financial institutions had gone a long way towards correcting bad behaviour by the banks and the current Royal Commission into Aged Care was likely to have a similar impact.

“While this is good news for people who have been ripped off by the banks or whose families are getting sub-standard aged care, every Tasmanian is being ripped off at the bowser and only a Royal Commission will fix the problem,” Senator Martin said.

He has also written to Tasmanian stakeholders seeking their support for the initiative, including the other 16 Tasmanian federal politicians, the Mayors of Tasmania’s 29 Councils, the RACT, the Tasmanian Transport Council, freight, bus and taxi companies, the TFGA and Rural Youth.

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