Correcting the record: JLN expulsion

Recent media articles have incorrectly reported that I quit the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN).

However, I was in fact expelled from the JLN when the party released a statement on February 7 that said “it is my duty to inform you, that the management committee of the Jacqui Lambie Network has moved to expel you from the party”.

It would be appreciated if any future reporting could refer to this correct version of matters and changes be made to current reporting, such as online, to reflect this fact.

It should also be remembered JLN founder Ms Jacqui Lambie was first elected to the Federal Senate for the Palmer United Party.

But after starting her term on July 1, 2014, Ms Lambie in fact quit the party a few months later on November 24 that same year, to become an independent Senator.

Then, in November last year she resigned from the Senate due to dual citizenship which ultimately left a vacancy which led to my appointment as a replacement.

After spending some time on the Senate crossbench following these circumstances, I decided it was in the best interests of Tasmanians to have a representative who was part of a stable team, The Nationals, with a long track record of delivering positive outcomes for rural and regional Australians.