Tasmanian-based Qantas pilot academy concepts take off

The benefits of a Qantas Group Pilot Academy being based in Tasmania will be presented to airline executives when Senator Steve Martin meets them in Sydney next week. It follows Senator Martin discussing key points of the plan with Devonport Airport General Manager Dave Race today.

“I will be meeting with Qantas executives to promote the establishment of the Qantas Group Pilot Academy in Devonport from 2019,” Senator Martin said. “My talks with Dave Race indicate that the academy would have wide-reaching benefits for Devonport, Tasmania and Qantas.
“For Devonport, an academy would bring substantial economic and social benefits to the region with 100 pilots expected in the initial intake. Up to 500 pilots are expected to be trained annually at the academy once it is established.

“For Qantas, the benefits that a Devonport-based academy would provide include a regional facility that is ideally placed for navigational training, the region has the adequate infrastructure to support the development of the flight training academy, and the airline’s objectives would not be hampered by the commercial capacity of the airport.

“For Tasmania, it would lift the State’s profile on the international stage as a provider of world’s best training facilities. The pilots trained in Tasmania by the Flying Kangaroo would also be likely to spread the news nationally and internationally that the State is a place of outstanding beauty, it has friendly and welcoming people, and world-class attractions worth visiting.

“I will be informing the Qantas executives that the establishment of the academy would be a win-win for Devonport, Tasmania and the international carrier.” Senator Martin is scheduled to meet the Qantas executives on April 12.