Meetings between industry and government "positive for Tasmanian coastal shipping"

Tasmanians can be confident of a positive future for Tasmanian coastal shipping following meetings between the industry and the federal government brokered by Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin.

"All industries need legislative reform from time to time. The key to success is making sure legislators understand the impact of their proposals, especially in Tasmania which so often has different challenges and opportunities compared to the Mainland," Senator Martin said.

"Coastal Shipping in Tasmania is well represented by the Tasmanian Logistics Committee chaired by Ability Logistics Tasmania General Manager, Brett Charlton.

"I arranged meetings between Mr Charlton's Committee and Federal Government officials in both Canberra and Tasmania this year."

"As a result, there is increased mutual understanding and, in particular, a recognition that Tasmania is a special case."

Tasmanian Logistics Chairman Brett Charlton said the meetings had been positive.

"What Tasmanian business needs is both reform to make the sector more competitive and protection to ensure temporary international entrants to the market don't damage permanent local players," Mr Charlton said.