Senator Steve Martin demands Royal Commission into fuel prices and supermarkets

A Royal Commission into supermarket behaviour and fuel prices is needed to stop Tasmanian families being ripped off at the bowser and Tasmanian farmers being ripped off by Coles and Woolworths, according to Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin.

“I am launching a petition so I have the backing of people power when I try to convince the federal Government to initiate a Royal Commission into the misuse of market power by Australia’s supermarkets, and petrol retailing in Australia, Senator Martin said.

“Tasmanians are being gouged every time they fill up. The average price for unleaded at the end of November was between $1.22 and $1.25 a litre in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane but $1.60 a litre across Tasmania.”

“With very little public transport options in Tasmania and the longer distances travelled in regional Tasmania, it is a huge financial burden on local communities and businesses,” Senator Martin said.

“And just like with the banks, only a full blown Royal Commission will force the supermarkets to reveal and correct the exploitative way they treat Tasmanian farmers and food processors.”

“Coles and Woolies are bullies taking advantage their 75 per cent share of the supermarket industry.”

“It has become almost impossible for independent butchers and grocers to compete even though we produce the best and cleanest food in the world,

The petition can be signed on the Senator Steve Martin Facebook page or search for Royal Commission at