New Tassie Nationals demand action against fake food and AFL discrimination

The newly formed Tasmanian National Party has gone straight into bat for regional interests, calling on the Federal Government to take action against fake food labelling and support the local push for Tassie teams in the national AFL and WAFL competitions.

Tasmanian Nationals Senator Steve Martin said he was more than happy to continue taking up those causes with his colleagues in Canberra.

“Nationals Deputy Leader Bridget McKenzie has taken to carrying a jar of real Tasmanian honey around with her and misses no opportunity to warn people against fake honey imports which are ripping off consumers and farmers alike,” Senator Martin said.

“I also have the Deputy Prime Minister on video supporting my push for Tassie teams in the AFL and WAFL by 2023.”

“The AFL fat cats in Melbourne have been taking Tasmania for granted for decades and that has to stop.”

“Either grant us what is rightfully ours, or we’ll court other sports federations,” Senator Martin warned.

The Tasmanian Nationals branch meeting followed the party’s first ever conference in the state and was attended by delegates from all over Australia including Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

“The Nationals fight hard for regional areas and they deliver in spades. That is why I joined,” Senator Martin concluded.