LIVING CITY – is an exciting initiative for our region, for the residents and visitors to our beautiful part of Tasmania. The project is a strategic vision for the City of Devonport, building on its regional role to become a sustainable City which is vibrant, compact, intense and connected.

Regional residents had their say as part of the Living City consultation, with over a quarter of respondents living outside of Devonport, from neighbouring communities including Kentish, Latrobe, Port Sorrel and Central Coast. Many of those respondents visit Devonport daily, weekly and monthly to work, shop, be entertained or utilise the diverse community infrastructure.

90% of respondents agreed that Devonport can be a vibrant and prosperous Regional City, reinforcing the principles of the plan to position Devonport as the retail and service hub of the North West Coast. 

Employment and Tourism are key economic development opportunities which our region is focussed on. Living City is an important strategic initiative, increasing the capacity of the region to welcome and farewell it’s 360,000 passengers on the Spirit of Tasmania. The prospect of creating a regional shopping centre and an iconic arts and tourism precinct to attract and retain more visitors in our area has benefits for the entire region and beyond.  

We know that while our region is experiencing strong population growth, we also continue to have high unemployment rates. LIVING CITY has the potential to create varied employment opportunities for people and provide incentives for our residents to stay in this area.

Our municipalities live and work side by side, viewing our region as a whole unites us, maximises limited resources and aligns vision and strategies to grow a strong and prosperous region.

The benefits from LIVING CITY will flow to the entire region.  The feedback from our residents tells us that Devonport does play an important role in achieving a vibrant and thriving future for all.

Mayor Steve Martin                                                                       

Devonport City Council