Smoking age; Drinking age; Voting age; National service

Over the past 10 years there has been many conversations concerning the young people, the effect of ‘privileges or habit’ that adults enjoy or take part in and how they might be counteracted to gain better outcomes for young people.

Most if not all the time, it is adults, who are gathering and analysing the data, then suggesting actions. Politicians are then lobbied either way.

The critical component that is missing here in these conversations is the input of young people and involvement in the decision making; after all they will be inheriting the final outcomes - if any.

“Young people are today’s consultants for tomorrow’s world.”

The adults should provide the process used to gather the data and the data itself to our young people and ask them for their thoughts for the way ahead. Let’s not under estimated the power and clearness of the untainted views of our young people.

Engage our young people.